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Retail properties, in essence, include structures that will house a retailer or a restaurant. They can be single-use standalone buildings.

In addition, they may take on multiple tenants. By and large, multi-tenanted buildings have a lead tenant who generates traffic for the other tenants. Let us a commercial real estate broker in Northern VA help you with your next retail space. Are you looking to sell a retail property in VA, let us help.

We have helped clients in these area:


  • Specialty stores

  • Department stores

  • Supermarkets

  • Convenience stores

  • Discount stores

  • Off-price retailers

  • Superstores

  • Hypermarkets

  • Catalog showrooms

Looking for a retail space now?

Fred’s Properties Group can assist you in buyingsellingleasing or investing some of the most desirable retail spaces on the market today. We serve clients in Fairfax VARestonSterlingLoudoun and all over Northern VA.


Office buildings are usually considered urban or suburban. As a matter of fact, urban buildings are generally found in high-rise buildings. On the other hand, suburb office buildings are smaller. Fred’s Properties a commercial real estate agent in Northern VA can help you with your next office space needs.

They are often grouped within office parks, usually found in suburbs. Much like retail properties, office buildings can also be single-tenanted or multi-tenanted. Are you looking for a medical office to buy in VA, we can help.


If you’re looking for an office, then work with us!

No matter what variety of office you need, our team can achieve your goal. We can help you buy, lease or rent the precise office you would like. In addition, we can help you sell office space in VA at your chosen price-point (or higher!).

Here are just a few of the types of office structures we are experts in representing:

  • Traditional office spaces
  • Coworking spaces
  • Open-plan office spaces
  • Creative office spaces
  • Offices with high ceilings
  • Contiguous office spaces
  • Executive suites
  • Shared office spaces

Whenever you’re browsing for office buildings for lease in VA, know the three tiers of properties.

Firstly, Class A is high-quality finishes and state-of-the-art systems. Class B, on the other hand, is fair to good finishes with adequate systems. It’s generally more affordable.

Finally, Class C is for tenants who require functional space with rent prices lower than the area average. Medical office buildings in VA are often considered a subset of this class. We can help selling your office building in Manassas VAWoodbridgeAlexandriaVienna and Falls Church.


Industrial buildings in VA generally include many tenants just outside of an urban area.

Low-rise buildings can be grouped together in industrial parks. To be clear, these types of industrial properties are put into four different types.

Fred’s Properties Group enjoys a strong reputation for helping clients buy, rent or sell industrial buildings with very impressive results!


Are you looking into any of these types of industrial structures? Call us today if so:

  • Warehouse & distribution buildings
  • Heavy industrial buildings
  • Manufacturing buildings
  • Refrigeration & cold-storage buildings
  • Data hosting centers
  • Telecom centers
  • Flex buildings
  • Light manufacturing buildings
  • R&D buildings
  • Showroom buildings

Here’s a little more info on some types of industrial properties we work with.

Heavy manufacturing properties in VA are buildings designed to operate and produce certain goods.

Flex industrial buildings, in contrast, contain a mix of both industrial space as well as office space.

Light assembly industrial properties aren’t customized as much as heavy manufacturing ones. Nevertheless, they can be used for assembly and storage. Finally, bulk warehouses are usually large properties that are used for distribution. Also, we can help you sell your industrial building in Chantilly VACentervilleMcLeanLortonClifton and Springfield.


Altogether, special purpose real estate can include:

  • churches
  • self-storage
  • bowling alleys
  • amusement parks
  • and more.

Overall, they don’t have parameters such as those listed above. In truth, this makes this type of listing more unique.


What special-purpose property draws your eye? Are you interested in buyingrenting or selling a special purpose in VA? If so, contact us to begin the process quickly and easily!


This sector includes all residential real estate other than single-family properties. For example, this can include townhouses, co-ops, condos or apartments.

Call us today — we can support you in buying or selling any multi-family unit you have your eyes on!

In similar fashion to office buildings in Virginia, these multifamily properties in VA are also classified into Class A, B, and C.

Apartment buildings are generally split into six different types, such as:

  • high-rise
  • mid-rise
  • garden-style (i.e., to three story apartments with garden-like setting)
  • walk-up
  • housing communities (e.g., mobile homes)
  • and special purpose housing.

To that end, special purpose housing can mean senior housinglow income housing, or student housing. By and large, this depends on the area. Therefore, we can market your special purpose space in Ashburn VALeesburgHamiltonMiddleburgPrince William CountyGainesvilleBristowOccoquanDumfries and Haymarket.


This sector includes all residential real estate outside of single-family ones. This can include townhousesco-ops, condos or apartments. Like office buildings (listed above), these multifamily properties are classified into Class A, B, and C.

Apartment buildings are generally split into six different types, including, high-rise, mid-rise, garden-style (one to three story apartments with garden-like setting), walk-up, housing communities (mobile homes), and lastly special purpose housing. Special purpose housing can include senior housing, low income housing, or even student housing, depending on the area.


The hotel sector includes both flagged and independent boutique style hotels in VA. To clarify, this sector divides into six categories:


  • Limited-service (i.e., there is no room service or any restaurant on-site)
  • Full-service, which includes room service and an on-site restaurant
  • Boutique, full-service amenities, (however, not national hotel chains)
  • Casino
  • Extended-stay, limited service (to rephrase it, with kitchens as well as larger rooms for longer stays)
  • Resort, full service with amenities such as water parks, amusement parks and golf courses

No matter what type of hotel interests you, Fred’s Properties Group can support your goal. There’s an extensive process to sell hotels in VA? Are you looking to buy a hotel in Va? Call us to discuss what you may like to rent, buy or sell!


Are you looking to purchase, invest, rent or lease? If so, then please contact us.

Regardless of your goal, you must understand and identify what you need most.

In view of this, let us help you identify the perfect time to buy, rent, or sell.

To illustrate, we feature the most professional experience in Virginia commercial real estate.

Moreover, we can find you the ideal location to consider.

In addition, we clarify the nuts and bolts of negotiation and closing the deal.


Whether you’re looking to purchase, invest, rent or lease, understanding and identifying what you are looking for is the key before making a decision. With the help of our comprehensive and professional experience team in commercial real estate experience in Virginia, we can guide you the perfect time to buy, sell, the ideal location to consider, and the nuts and bolts of negotiation and closing the deal.



To illustrate, Fred’s Properties analyzes and negotiates for clients. Even more, we sell their properties and manage the purchase of new investment properties.


To be sure, we help tenants analyze and arrange critical business and site selection. Moreover, we deal with lease negotiations, operational objectives, and financial real estate provisions.


Our Landlord Representation services, by and large, can help you reveal your property’s potential. In addition, you can use our marketing skills to showcase your property’s best qualities.


All in all, office buildings are in high demand. In fact,they will often be used again and again. Therefore, this makes commercial real estate investing ideal for creating long-term returns.

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