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When it comes to commercial real estate investment, most investors and landlords focus on existing structures. These structures include apartment buildings, offices, and warehouses. Yes, property ownership is valuable and can offer a decent return. But, owning land is often more profitable. Even undeveloped land can provide substantial investment potential for the right buyer.

Are you searching for commercial land for sale in Virginia? Then you’ve come to the right place. We can help you discover new tracts within developing cities like Leesburg or Falls Church. We can also manage your property, so you can just let your investment earn money. For more info on land development in VA please visit VDOT website.

Types of Commercial Land in Northern VA

Sometimes, it’s hard to visualize the potential of undeveloped land. In some cases, the land is still relatively wild and untamed. Fortunately, Northern Virginia has all kinds of land available for commercial use. So, no matter your interests, you’re sure to find an investment that fits your portfolio. Here’s a rundown of the unique land types you can find in this region.

Heavy Industrial Land for Sale

Industrial businesses need land for developing warehouses, factories, and refineries, among other things. A company must fit some criteria to be considered a “heavy” industry. For example, it must use large tracts of land, massive vehicles and equipment, and large-scale projects. One example of a heavy industrial business would be a mine. Mines need to extract raw materials from the ground, process them and ship them to factories for refinement.

Northern VA doesn’t have a ton of sites that work for heavy industrial companies. However, the ones that are suitable for this practice can become massive investment earners. Since these companies operate on such a large scale, they often have deep pockets to help pay for expenses like land or equipment. The only downside is that once a company moves in, it’s difficult (or too expensive) to redevelop the land for other uses. Fred’s Properties offers landlord representation services in Northern VA.

Light Industrial Land for Sale in Northern VA

Light industry doesn’t involve such large-scale projects or equipment. An excellent example of one of these businesses would be a machinist shop or appliance factory. Rather than needing massive tracts of land, these companies often require a factory building and little else. Think of land that houses warehouses and other large, empty buildings. These sites are perfect for light industrial use.

One advantage of light industrial land for sale is that you can reconvert warehouse space easily. So, let’s say one business relocates or shuts down. Afterward, you can rent the empty space to another company and keep your revenue stream intact. Best of all, we’re a professional property management company. So, we can help you take care of your tenants so they’re always reliable. You never have to worry about missed payments or troublesome renters.

Farm Land for Sale in Northern VA

Agriculture is one of the top three industries in Virginia. There are over 7.8 million acres in the state. Northern Virginia is home to many farms. So, it is a prime location for this type of real estate. Farming has decreased from the state’s heyday in the 1960s. But, it remains a resilient and essential part of Virginia’s economy.

Most types of commercial land for sale in northern Virginia are ready to go as-is. Farmland, though, has to be vetted to ensure it’s suitable for growing crops or housing livestock. Not all land is arable, so fewer lots are available for this type of investment. However, as food challenges continue to rise, the demand for advanced farming practices will only increase. Also, there’s a higher demand for locally-sourced and sustainable food. This trend means a growing number of smaller, family-owned farms.

As an investor, you can get in on these trends early and reap the benefits later on. Now is the perfect time to put money into forward-thinking farms. These farms will drive consumer behavior into the future.

Business Land for Sale in VA

The best thing about commercial land is that it opens up tons of possibilities for developers and investors. A single plot of land has so many options, such as:

  • Data Storage – Companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have massive data centers. These centers process billions of gigabytes of information every second. These centers also require lots of land, which is where real estate investors come in. Finding land for data center for sale in northern VA is easy. That is, easy when you have a professional property manager on your side. We can help you locate suitable tracts so you can appeal to various tech companies.
  • Commercial Properties – Northern VA counties like Arlington, Prince William, Loudoun, and Fairfax are experiencing rapid growth and shifting demographics. Now is the time to purchase business land for sale in VA. This way, you can get in on the ground floor (literally) of these investments. Many new businesses will need buildings for their operations. Options include offices, warehouses, retail spaces, etc. By buying the land now, you can capitalize on the growing demand. You can also work with developers to make more money off your investment. Finally, we can help you locate the best spots for these projects, so you don’t have to go into the process blind.
  • Apartments and Affordable Housing – As businesses and industries grow in northern VA, they will attract many renters. Apartment and condo buildings are a hot commodity right now, especially in cities with lots of growth and a lack of housing. These projects are coming to cities like Falls Church, Manassas, Ashburn, and Sterling. So, you need to get in before these areas explode.

Overall, buying land for sale for commercial properties in northern VA is a wise investment. Working with us can help ensure you get a decent return.

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First, we can help you find commercial land for sale in VA. In addition, we can also help you locate your next commercial real estate investment property. We have a wide selection of options available to suit your portfolio and needs. Expanding your investment selections is the best way to avoid market downturns and recessions. Fortunately, real estate is one of the strongest and most reliable markets for your money. Contact us today to find out more!


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