Commercial Properties For Sale in China

If you are considering purchasing commercial real estate in China, now is a good time to do it. As Chinese leadership works to leverage the economy, the interest rates on property loans for Chinese citizens has risen substantially. This means that Chinese landowners are more likely to sell property than they are to buy it, giving foreign investors a buying advantage. In fact, about a third of the commercial properties that were sold in China for $10 million dollars or more went to foreign purchasers.

According to brokerage firm CBRE, the volume of commercial real estate acquisitions in China by foreign buyers jumped 62% last year to 78 billion yuan. Foreign investors in China’s commercial property market are on a buying spree as high borrowing costs restrain domestic investors.

How to Get Started

To do an effective property search, you will need a real estate database that gives you the most current and comprehensive listings. Our database includes all types of commercial properties offered in China, from high-end mid-rise apartment buildings to farms and investment properties. Whether you’re thinking about opening a fancy restaurant or managing a hotel, if it’s for sale, you will see it in our database. You need to have access to the most accurate information before you plan a trip across the ocean to this busy economic capital.

China and its large urban areas like Shanghai and Suzhou are known for their growing populations. With larger populations comes a demand for more housing, more restaurants, more office buildings and more healthcare facilities. When you check out our real estate listing database, you’ll find all the information you need about how to contact the agents who are leasing or selling the properties. Our database is a great place to start and will save you time and energy as you do your search

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