Commercial Properties For Sale in Japan

Japan has become a popular place to for foreigners to buy commercial property. Whether you’re thinking about buying a hotel, a parking lot, office space, or retail property, you’ll always be able to keep your business booming with customers as tourists travel through this beautiful and historic country. Japan is a country that is friendly toward foreign investors, so there are not many penalizing taxes or fees involved with the purchase of commercial properties. However, the process can be bureaucratic and complicated.

That’s why it’s important to find a real estate agent who can assist you with the buying process. When you use our modern commercial real estate database, you will find the contact information for an agent for each property that is listed. When you browse through our listings, you’ll first get an idea of what the property looks like and what it is used for, along with some history of its operation. Then, you can contact the agent to get the specifics about the terms of purchase and how to go about buying the property.

With the upcoming Olympics taking place in Japan in 2020, tourism will continue to be very popular. Some cities, like Tokyo, have pretty much exhausted all the available space with properties like hotels and office buildings, so investing in other areas is probably a better option. Because of the new bullet train line that runs from Tokyo, cities like Nagoya and Hokkaido will be popular places for tourists to stay and are great for investing in hotels or retail properties

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