Commercial Properties For Sale in Taiwan

If you have business ventures in mind that will require office space and you’re thinking about buying some commercial property, you’d do well to consider Taiwan. According to Taiwan Business Topics, office vacancy rose 14.7% in only one quarter of 2018, and the rents are rising. In this beautiful and growing country, the demand for professional services as well as technology and telecom is growing. The building of new rapid transit systems is also enhancing commutes between cities like Taoyuan and Kaohsiung, making it easier to rent out the office space that commercial real estate investors buy.

If you’re looking for commercial properties for sale in Taiwan, you need a commercial real estate database that gives a comprehensive list of what’s available. When you browse our database, you will benefit from the up-to-date photos and precise descriptions of property details and you’ll get the information on how to contact the real estate agents who are handling the properties. When you talk with the agents, they’ll give you more details on what the transaction would entail.

Residential property in Taiwan is very expensive, and often, commercial property is, too. However, rents for office property in cities like Taipei rise fairly consistency due to the constant corporate traffic into the city. Retail areas like shops and malls are also in demand. Our extensive commercial real estate listing database will show you the variety of properties that are available on this beautiful island, and when you see the one that works for you, it’s easy to get the details from the real estate agent contact information.


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