Commercial Real Estate For Lease in Fairfax, Virginia

Attention Property Owners of Commercial Real Estate in Fairfax, Virginia!

This is your opportunity to find renters for your property. If you own commercial real estate for lease in Fairfax, VA, list it with us. We have an unlimited number of clients interested in leasing your property. We specialize in listing commercial rental properties as well as commercial lands for lease.

What Types of Properties Do We List?

Do you have a warehouse for lease in Fairfax, VA? How about heavy industrial properties of either 1500 sq ft, or 5000 sq ft, or more? List them with us and watch your leasing opportunities soar. Whether you have cheap commercial property for rent or something more upscale, choose us to list it with.

Examples of Property We Can List for You

As top commercial real estate brokers, it is our distinct pleasure to find tenants for your property. Here are just a few examples of properties we have successfully arranged to be leased.

  • Spacious business park, industrial zoned, 113,000+ sq ft
  • Office building, many suites available for lease, built in 1981
  • Multi-story office building for lease, 50,000+ sq ft per suite, built in 1971
  • 10,000 sq ft warehouse, perfect for bitcoin mining operations or heavy industrial operations
  • Commercial warehouse for rent, 6000 sq ft
  • Commercial land for lease near me, perfect for constructing the buildings of your choice
  • Facilities with which to house a hyperscale data center available for rent

We Handle Retail Space Too

Do you have some commercial retail space for lease in Fairfax, VA? Is it an old shopping mall that can be refurbished? Is it a large vacant retail warehouse in Fairfax that can now be used for a hyperscale data center? We can find renters for you in all such instances.

How About an Old University Campus?

Was your commercial property in Fairfax, VA previously occupied by an expansive university? However, now they have relocated? You no longer know what to do with this space? List it with us at Fred’s Properties. We will find candidates who wish to rent it from you.

Why Choose Fred’s Properties to List With?

We have hundreds of thousands of potential renters for your commercial real estate in Fairfax VA. No matter what your needs are when seeking tenants, we can accommodate you. Real estate owners in the Fairfax, Virginia area trust us to get the place rented.


Reach Millions of Potential Renters Through Our Service

Our renters come from all over the globe. You will never reach so many potential renters with anyone else. Nobody else has the access to tenants that we do. No matter what the circumstances behind the property you want rented, we can assist you. We virtually guarantee success if you list your property with us.

What Happens if, Down the Road, You Want to Sell Your Property?

We can help you with that too. You can list your property for sale with us and find a buyer quickly. Whether it is commercially-zoned land, an empty office building in Fairfax, or an old warehouse, we will help you sell it. Choose Fred’s Properties to list with and watch potential buyers flock to you.


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