Commercial Real Estate for Lease in McLean Virginia (VA)

If you plan to move your business or start a new business, you’re likely in the market to find commercial real estate for lease in McLean Virginia. Top commercial real estate brokers in McLean Virginia can help you find light industrial warehouse for rent or even heavy industrial properties for lease – depending on your needs. If you’re a property owner and want to offer a rental commercial property, Fred’s Properties can help. We are a commercial realty group with the experience and insight to help assist you with this process.

Top Commercial Property Estate Agents

At Fred’s Properties, our commercial realtors are uniquely qualified to provide each client with the resources and capabilities to help find ideal commercial rental properties, commercial shop for a lease, or offer a warehouse for lease. Those currently in the market to find commercial land for lease near me should act right away and start working with a team of top commercial real estate broker in McLean Virginia.

Our Capabilities

Our experts are well-versed in all aspects of commercial real estate for investors, property owners, and those who want to lease or rent properties in the area. Not only do we provide space for industrial applications, but we also offer spaces for retail and office space needs.


Whether your plan to open a restaurant, clothing store, or any other retail business, we can provide you with a suitable space to fulfill your needs. In the past, we have provided ideal lease space for business endeavors such as the following.

  • Big box retailers
  • Department store space
  • Showrooms
  • Discount retailers
  • Specialty stores

If you’re currently ready to begin operating a business but need the perfect location and space, we can help. Just reach out to our team, and we can get started.

Office Space

Finding the perfect office space can be a challenge. However, when you team up with Fred’s Properties, we can make the process of finding the right location a breeze. Our team carefully assesses your needs and then matches you with potential options that suit your office requirements. Whether you need a smaller office layout that’s 1500 SF, 6000 SF, 7000 SF, or even 8000 SF, or if you have a larger company with more space requirements for your staff and office equipment, we can find space that’s 9,0000 SQ, and up to 10,000 SF in size.

Warehouse Spaces

Our team can find you the perfect warehouse location to suit your specific business needs. We can also help you find a tenant for your warehouse locations in the area. We can provide spaces for all commercial endeavors, including the following warehouse for lease sizes.

  • 1000 square feet warehouse for smaller requirements
  • 2000 square feet warehouse for small to medium commercial needs
  • 2500 sq ft warehouse for medium commercial business and industrial applications
  • 3000 square feet of warehouse space for various commercial needs
  • 4000 square feet warehouse spaces for storage and operations of medium to large commercial endeavors
  • 5000 square feet of warehouse space for larger industrial and commercial facility requirements

If you’re currently in the market for warehouse space and don’t know where to begin searching, let our team give you a hand and make the process easier and faster and consider commercial property prices and client space needs. Property and commercial warehouse owners can count on us to match them with those looking to lease a space to suit their business needs.

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Anyone looking for cheap commercial property for rent or commercial land for lease near me can count on the team at Fred’s Properties. We are a top commercial realty group with the dedication and insight to help each client find commercial spaces or tenants to match their needs. Get started today for the best results.


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