Commercial Real Estate For Lease in Prince William County Virginia


At Fred’s Properties, we are a commercial realty group with a stellar reputation. We’ve helped countless business owners find the perfect commercial real estate for lease in Prince William County VA

Our team includes some of the top commercial realtors in the state. Plus, we have a dedication to quality that is unmatched. If you’re looking for the best commercial real estate for lease in Prince William County, VA, give us a call.

Top Commercial Property Estate Agents in Prince William County

We have established ourselves as the top commercial real estate brokers in Prince William County, Virginia. We’ve been in business for several decades and in that time we’ve seen it all. We’ve helped business owners in a variety of different industries find the ideal location for their business or warehouse.

We’ve developed an extensive network of buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords, and other brokers all over the state. This network has helped set us apart as the best commercial property estate agents in Prince William County, VA. So if you’re looking for cheap commercial property for rent, give us a call.

Different Types of Commercial Properties

Part of what sets us apart from the competition is our ability to negotiate all types of commercial properties. Commercial real estate is typically categorized into four classes:

Industrial use (Warehouses, Flex-Warehouse, Land)
Office space
Multi-family Properties
Retail Shops

Also, individual categories classified as Class A, Class B and Class C. So when you in the market to lease, sell or buy one of these categories Fred’s Properties can help. 

We can help you find anything from a 1500 sq ft juice bar to a 2500 sq ft warehouse. No matter if you need 6000 sf, 7000 sf, 8000 sf, 9000 sf, 10000 sf, or beyond, we will help you find the perfect property.

We can even help you look for commercial land for lease near you if you want more flexibility. At Fred’s Properties, there’s nothing we can’t achieve. So give us a call today for a great deal on some prime commercial real estate.

Class A, B and C Industrial Commercial Real Estate in Prince William County, VA

But we don’t just stop at storefronts and office spaces. We also have access to all classes industrial commercial real estate properties in Prince William County, VA. If you need a cheap commercial warehouse for rent, look no further.

We can show you anything from a light industrial warehouse for rent to heavy industrial properties for lease in Prince William County, VA. No matter if you need a 1000 square feet warehouse, 2000 square feet warehouse, 3000 square feet warehouse, 4000 square feet warehouse, or 5000 square feet warehouse, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today to see our premium inventory for yourself.

At Fred’s Properties, we do it all. From premium storefronts to a warehouse for lease, we have every type of listing you can imagine. We are dedicated commercial realtors with a passion for helping clients achieve their business goals. So, when you need the best commercial real estate for lease in Prince William County, Virginia, give us a call.


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