Commercial Real Estate For Rent or Lease in Arlington Virginia VA

Commercial real estate is and always has been a matter of location. That is because businesses make use of affordable fully small warehouse and flex-warehouse space in Arlington, VA. Aside from that, locations with a growing population looks appealing to entrepreneurs and business people. 

Speaking of good locations for, Arlington, Virginia is a great spot to buying or lease a warehouse. With its about 270,000 daytime population, Arlington is one of the key centers of business in Virginia. We are expert in finding commercial properties for lease in Arlington VA

Aside from the government and service sectors, there is also a heavy presence here of Fortune 500 companies. 

Thanks to its nearness to the capital, Arlington, VA is now served with many work opportunities. One of the many reasons why people keep moving in here. 

But with the coronavirus pandemic, many are asking whether commercial real estate is still profitable. Many are inquiring about commercial property prices, flipping commercial real estate, industrial leasing companies, and other business property for lease and for sale. 

We get a lot of requests from owners on how to sell my commercial property as well. 

Before we answer some of these questions, let us first take a quick look on some definitions. 

What is commercial real estate? 

Commercial real estate is any building, space, empty lot intended to generate profit. Three common types of commercial real estate are office space, industrial, and retail property. 

An industrial commercial real estate is any commercial space used for actual manufacturing of products such as warehouse buildings, prime warehouses, warehouses with drive-in, and heavy manufacturing. 

Retail property, on the other hand, is any commercial space used in the actual selling of products. These are your retail stores, shopping centres, shops. 

Lastly, office space commercials are what most businesses use. It can be a fully furnished office, warehouse office space, or any retail office space. 

Businesses and companies that own these commercial real estate often lease the space. Also, you can often find these properties posted on commercial real estate sites like There are commercial shops for lease, daycare space for lease, office warehouse for rent, business property for lease just to name a few. 

Currently, commercial real estate listings in Arlington, Virginia are more of these spaces for lease instead of for sale. 

What is the current status of commercial real estate? Is it still profitable?

Due to the pandemic, many businesses have been forced to layoff workers and shift to work-from-home setups. Businesses incurred losses that forced them to close permanently and even drove property owners to debt. 

Some even post distressed commercial property for sale especially small businesses and those within the hospitality sector. 

As mentioned, because of the sudden shift to work-from-home setups, office space commercials have been going empty. In fact, CBRE Group Inc, a commercial real estate services company, projected that office space  and other related premises will still experience the pandemic pain until June 2021. Moreover, rebound can be expected as late as 2022. 

Not to mention that commercial property prices for these spaces may increase due to demand for ventilation and health-related amenities.

According to Deloitte, retail office space can increase up to $19.40 per square foot with Class A offices (corporate) are struggling. However, Class B and Class C which are co-working spaces and micro-offices are thriving. 

But the industrial commercial real estate is one property that is booming nowadays. With the rise of e-commerce, industrial distribution (increased consumer demand and next-day shipping) has also become very important. 

Large warehouses for distribution centers within close proximity to customers for stock-on-hand have seen increasing growth.They serve as both short term and long term storage facilities and manufacturing hubs. 

These warehouse buildings are currently on sale and also available for rent. Here in Arlington, VA, let us help you find and negotiate your next deal with any size property. 

How to rent, sell, or buy commercial real estate?

Currently there are a number of warehouse units for sale. Also, the cost of warehouse space generally depends on the size. It starts at 1,000 square feet warehouse up to 10,000 square feet warehouse. 

You can also tell us what you need and we will find them for you. 

If you’re looking for a Flex Warehouse for sale in Arlington, VA or a bulk one or maybe cheap warehouses or  warehouses for sale for investment, we can find them for you. 

With the pandemic, many inquiries on commercial real estate flooded through. Most are looking for expert advice from top commercial real estate brokers and commercial property estate agents. 

For this process, it’s important to stay updated with listings. If you’re a seller or leaser, make sure you make your property visible in different listings. The best way to make a commercial real estate transaction is through top commercial real estate brokers.

With their wide network of contacts, as seller or buyer, you gain access to wider options. Furthermore, It’s not too hard to look for vacant commercial land for sale, commercial real estate for sales, office and warehouse for lease. You can also find cheap commercial property for rent easily. 

But individuals are not the only ones who can lease properties. Most of these are leased by companies. Top commercial real estate brokers, specifically leasing brokers, can also direct you and help you hammer out details with industrial leasing companies, office leasing companies, and warehouse leasing companies.

They also ensure that you have a favorable return on your property and many negotiations with prospect buyers or sellers smooth. 

Why invest in commercial real estate in Arlington, VA?

Note that commercial real estate is harder to transact than residential ones. So if you really want to make selling or buying business property hassle-free, you should hire top commercial real estate brokers. 

Arlington is an affluent town just a couple of miles away from Washington D.C. While the pandemic has caused people to move from high-cost cities to more affordable ones, Arlington remains quite the darling in commercial real estate due to the stable source of jobs from the  government and services sector. 

Plus, with its high-cost living comes a substantial salary rate, public amenities and its suburban feel that attracts people. 

Lastly, Arlington, VA is made up of high-rise residential buildings and low-rise warehouse buildings. With an affluent population and a number of warehouse buildings, Arlington can be a good place for e-commerce to bloom as well. 

Consult with top commercial real estate brokers and commercial property estate agents to know more!


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