Commercial Real Estate For Rent or Lease in Lorton, Virginia (VA)

Lorton VA is a wonderful location to find commercial real estate. Commercial shop for lease in Lorton, for example, due to its wide open spaces, cleanliness, historical architecture, and orderly atmosphere.

Commercial Land For Lease Near Me

Lorton is the future home of Alpine-X, (the completely indoor snowsports resort), which is a vast and sprawling project currently being constructed on commercial land. Therefor, such a development would seem to be indicative of the availability. Also, the city of open space within the town, or perhaps the county. However, the listings are far more visible advertising established businesses for sale. Therefore, largely outnumber those offering commercial lands available. Because these properties do exist, it is essential to work with a broker. Fred’s Properties is equipped to assist you in connecting with the land for lease in Lorton, VA. Also, legally advise you in property deals requiring construction-lease agreements.

Industrial Commercial Real Estate in Lorton VA

Likewise, when seeking a Warehouse for lease in Lorton VA, many sources recommend, if not a commercial real estate broker, then at least to hire a lawyer when obtaining a Rental commercial property in Lorton. Due to the complicated nature of many types of commercial real estate transactions, a lawyer or real estate broker will be able to facilitate any commercial business dealings containing, for example:

  • specific provisions
  • due diligence requirements
  • restrictive clauses

Commercial Property Prices

The commercial real estate business continues to be very lucrative despite the pandemic and with revenues rising every year. Commercial property prices in Lorton are moderate. as with Lorton single-family homes, which are typically more reasonable than the county average. I encourage investors to look into Leesburg commercial real estate booming market. On the other hand, those who feel priced out of the Lorton commercial market. If you are simply looking for cheap commercial property for rent in Lorton – such as a light industrial warehouse for rent (under 10,000 sq.ft.), might opt for the smaller, more affordable spaces or industrial storage spaces. Here are the typical sizes of these properties:

  • 1000 square feet warehouse
  • 2000 square feet warehouse
  • 3000 square feet warehouse
  • 4000 square feet warehouse
  • 5000 square feet warehouse
  • 2500 sq ft warehouse
  • 1500 sq ft
  • 6000 SF
  • 7000 SF
  • 8000 SF
  • 9000 SF
  • 10,000 SF


Top Commercial Real Estate Brokers in Lorton Virginia

The top commercial real estate brokers in Lorton, Virginia, like Fred’s Properties – offer tenants, property owners, investors, and developers a full spectrum of services. To accomplish this, its brokers and agents should be personally and materially connected with the workings of the Lorton commercial market as a primary way of delivering the most value to a varied clientele.

We are dedicated to ensuring your success by helping to select the best property in Lorton for your company. Fred’s Properties does this in part by providing the data and many resources necessary to weigh the numerous concerns businesses have when establishing commerce in a new location. The best real estate commercial realtors in Lorton Virginia are those like Fred’s Properties.


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