Commercial Real Estate For Sale in Alexandria, Virginia VA

Alexandria, VA is a tremendous place to choose to set up a business, an office, a multi-residential dwelling, a retail store and much more. If you’re looking to purchase commercial real estate in Alexandria, VA, let our experts help you. Fred’s Properties can help you locate all the available warehouses, restaurants, shopping mall, mid-rise apartments, hotels, cafes or even sports facilities for lease or for sale. We have access to all the updated listing in order to give you all of the necessary details you need to make an informed decision on commercial real estate for sale in Alexandria, Virginia


Why Commercial Real Estate in Alexandria VA?

Alexandria VA
is heavily populated by those who work in the federal civil service. The historic center of the town, known as Old Town, is full of shops, boutiques, restaurants and theaters. Bordering the Potomac River and just south of Washington, it’s a great place to consider when looking for commercial real estate for sale in Alexandria, VA. You can expect many tourists and others passing through the area if you decide to open up a business or even a high rise or apartment home in or around Alexandria. 

What Types of Uses and Details Are Included in A Listing?

Ultimately, no matter what type of property you’re interested in, you will find it in our comprehensive commercial real estate listing page. We list everything from industrial buildings to auto repair shops or flex mechanic shops to hotels, apartments, office space, restaurants and much more. We also list professional service properties for your browsing too. When you look at one of our listings, you will find all of the details about the property including its location with the street address, the pricing and other important factors. 

We understand that you have lifelong dreams that you want to pursue when you’re looking for commercial real estate for sale in Alexandria, VA. Our comprehensive and updated commercial real estate directory can help you to achieve that dream. When you’re looking for commercial real estate to purchase in or around Alexandria, look no further then our listings page. It is a real tool during your initial search for commercial real estate in Alexandria, VA


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