Commercial Real Estate For Sale in Manassas, VA

Manassas, Virginia is a fun place to live, but it’s also a fun place to run a business.  If you’re in search of commercial real estate for sale in Manassas, Virginia, you need a commercial real estate listing page that will do more than just show you all of what’s available for sale.  You need to have the page paint a clear picture of what each property is about, from how many elevators it has to how expensive the annual taxes are.  You want to know every detail about the prospective building that you can find out so that you can form a picture in your mind of what owning it will be like.

Warehouses for Sale in Manassas, VA

Warehouses for sale in Manassas, VA are keep growing by the day. The most popular demand that we lately are flex warehouses in Manassas. We have a complete database with all available warehouses for sale in Manassas, VA. Our agents will provide you with all the specs including cash flow projection, occupied tenants, photos, parking spaces and more. We’ll tell you about any new construction or renovation and give you an idea of the operating costs that it had prior to sale. Neighborhoods and demographics for an specific property can be provided upon request. If you are looking for an investment properties in Manassas, VA let us know and we’ll run a report on that for you as well.

If you are looking to purchase an office building in Manassas, VA, churches for sale, auto body or Flex Warehouse you came to the right place. Fred can help you find a good deal on mechanic shops, Bulk Warehouse, Restaurants, shopping malls, Mid-rise Apartments, Pad Site, Healthcare, Land for sale in Manassas, VA, and Industrial investment buildings and more. 

Investment properties in Manassas, VA

If you are looking for an investment properties in Manassas, VA let us know and we’ll run a report on that for you as well. One crucial items that you always want to ask your agent is to get a complete cash flow projection for any investment properties. The town of Manassas and 234 are popular for investment properties. Access to Manassas Regional Airport makes the investment properties more desirable and attractive. 

We know that your time is important.  That’s why our commercial real estate listing page is designed to save you time.  You’ve got other things to think about than spending hours searching for a building in which you can house your business, and you need a listing page that shows you everything that’s available, all in one place.  You’ll see it all on our page, along with the terms of the sale and a general idea of the maintenance cost.  So don’t waste time anywhere else.  Browse our page and make your commercial real estate dream come true!


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