Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Occoquan, VA

The unique, beautiful and historic town of Occoquan, Virginia is a great place to buy some commercial real estate. Although it has a relatively small population, it is near the Amtrak auto train stop as well as Virginia State Route 123. Many tourists come through the town to see the natural beauty of the Occoquan River and to enjoy the peace and quiet of a small town environment. So if you’re looking to open a business and purchase some commercial real estate in Occoquan, Virginia, you’re probably in for a unique American experience.


The first place to go when you begin your commercial real estate property search in Occoquan, Virginia is our commercial real estate property listing page.  On our page, you’ll find everything that’s available for sale, from small, charming cafes to art galleries. Or you can look for vacant land, and use your imagination to come up with a creative idea of your own for what to build. No matter what you’re looking for, if it’s for sale, you’ll find it on our listing page.

When you browse our listing page, you’ll discover that all of our listings show a recent and accurate photo of the property and its surroundings.  We will explain the terms of purchase, give you information about the property and what it’s been used for, and tell you something about the neighborhood itself. Whether it’s an office building or a motel, you’ll get a complete description of the property that will tell you right away whether or not it will meet your needs. We include the property size, the number of rooms, the price per square foot, the zoning, and all other pertinent details you need to know.

So if you’re thinking about a new life and a new business in the lovely and quaint town of Occoquan,Virginia,           make your first stop our comprehensive commercial real estate listing page.  You’ll get a full picture of what’s for sale right away, and it will save you the time and energy of driving all over the town.  You’ll enjoy browsing through our list as you picture your new life in an area that’s full of history and charm.  Stop by our page today and see!



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