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Have you always dreamt of owning a gym or a fitness center? Lucky for you, there are countless gyms, fitness centers or health clubs for rent or for sale throughout the State of Virginia. We understand how different each of these types of commercial properties and that’s why we work so hard in order to update listings with as much information as possible to help make your decision much easier.


The process of opening a new business whether a warehouse gym, a boxing gym, crossfit gym or any other fitness center can be difficult. It also takes a lot of time to ensure that you’re prepared for opening. This makes it that much more important for you to save time during the initial search for gyms, fitness centers or health clubs to rent or for sale in VA. We do the initial legwork of finding available properties and then present them with as much information as possible.

Our comprehensive real estate listing page includes valuable information on things such as neighborhood, floor plan or square footage of facilities, amenities, existing employees (if a rental), information on rental terms and pricing, and much more. All of these things should help you to make the most informed decision when you’re considering purchasing a gym or health club in Virginia.

Ultimately, to get started, simply visit our professional real estate listing page today. Peruse through available health clubs to rent or gyms for sale on our directory. From there, make a short list of properties that you’re interested in and focus on those to make your decision. We hope to be a valuable resource for you during your search for commercial properties like gyms or fitness centers for rent or for sale in Virginia. Good luck!



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