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With the advent of technology and the internet, we have lived better lives. With a simple query on google, you get hundreds of information and recommendations. Don’t know how to cook? Just type what recipe you’d like to try. If you are looking for data centers for lease in Manassas VA let us locate the available centers for your business.

Through social media platforms, we are able to connect with people who live somewhere else in the convenience of our own homes. It has become so interwoven in our daily lives that the internet is now considered a utility. 

It has also helped businesses provide consumers with efficient and convenient services and solutions. These services and solutions are delivered through facilities called data centers. From our banking experience to signing up for insurance, looking out for healthcare options, we no longer need to wait long lines. Thanks to these growing data centers, businesses can process and utilize more data. And with that comes even better services and solutions.

What is a data center? 

A data center is centralized space which is composed of a large group of networked computer servers. Its primary function is to store, process, and distribute large amounts of data that is being fed into it. Breaking it down, a data center is composed of three main things: 

  1. Compute – This refers to the memory and processing power used to run applications provided by high-end servers. 
  2. Storage – This is where important data are housed with multiple backups.
  3. Networking – This includes the routers, switches, controllers and everything needed to connect the data center to the outside world. 

These three components are very vital in the continuity of an efficient daily operation of businesses. And to deliver quality services and solutions to its consumers. 

While data centers have evolved into virtual spaces called “cloud services”, there are still many industries that use physical facilities. Specifically for control over their assets and data, reliability (100% uptime SLA), legacy applications, predictability and flexibility, and IT support. 

What is the role of data centers in different industries?

Depending on the industry, there are a number of roles that data centers play in different industries. But here are three important things that data centers do for businesses?

First, they allow businesses to maintain their online presence. For example, pharmaceutical and life sciences as well as other public sector healthcare can now provide better services and solutions through their websites. They are able to offer 24/7 online access to doctors and other health care providers. 

They help maintain efficient daily operations. As a consumer, you can freely go about your transactions without any disruptions. That is because data centers ensure that all applications are running smoothly and all data are processed properly. If you need your records on the mortgage and loan you filed in the bank, you will be able to view them easily. 

Lastly, they help protect your information especially for sensitive businesses like banking, finance, and insurance. Data centers assure that all data processed are secure through multi-layered security protocols. 

Basically, any business that processes and utilizes heavy data needs data centers in order to process efficiently. Without data centers, services and solutions will be slow and access to data will not be secure which can cause them to lose clients. 

What is a hosted data center for lease?

A hosted data center for lease is like a room for rent. A data center or a landlord provides you with a space with certain amenities like internet bandwidth, power, security, and 24/7 technical support. You bring in your own furniture which are your servers. You pay for the space but  you share it with others. Plus, you need to manage and maintain your own servers. 

Usually government agencies and large businesses have their own data center facilities. But these can be very expensive to manage and maintain. For small business solutions, retail, mortgage and loan, and other small scale industries, they usually use colocation hosting. 

What are the benefits of a colocation hosting service?

The primary benefit of leasing a space from a data center is reduced costs. Businesses can save up on the initial infrastructure investment. Especially for small business solutions and other data intensive businesses who can’t afford to build their own spaces, this is a very smart option. 

Aside from that, there is a scalable enterprise architecture. As your business grows, your data can scale with you. They also provide reliable professional support and reduced downtime. And of course, physical security with multi-layered protocols and improved network security. 

In the US, colocation data centers usually charge anywhere from $45 to $300 per U (1.75 inch height) for these services. 

Why is Northern Virginia (NoVA) a preferred data center location?

Northern Virginia sits just miles away from two power centers: Washington D.C. and Dulles International Airport. This strategic location makes it an ideal location for any type of business. From technology to energy to healthcare and even small business solutions, you will find it here. 

Second, it has an impressive wattage but at a reasonable cost. Not to mention that it also provides competitive tax rates and tax incentives as well attracting more data centers in the region. Lastly, the land cost here is also relatively lower than other data center locations. It’s also relatively safe with low threat for physical disasters which can damage these physical facilities. 

At present, it has over 166 data centers with a large quantity concentrated in Loudoun and Prince William Counties. 

Is Manassas, VA a popular data center location in NoVA?

There are a lot of hosted data centers for lease in Manassas, VA. Sitting inside the NoVA region, Manassas enjoys the same benefits although there are fewer data centers located here compared to Ashburn or Fairfax. 

But there’s exciting news in the area. In early 2020, The Peterson Cos. set up a partnership with a data center developer to build a large data center campus. This will cover over 25 acres of land and will include 700,000 square of data center facilities. 

Once the campus is fully online, it will be able to offer more than 250 megawatts of electric power load. This is said to serve large data centers in the Northern Virginia market. 

What services are provided by hosted data centers for lease in Manassas, VA?

Just like any other hosted data centers, spaces here in Manassas, VA offer security, power, cooling, storage, disaster recovery, and compliance. 

Manassas hosts a number of different industries but mainly revolve around public sector services. But since it has a very good economy, small business solutions, mortgage and loans, insurance, and banking also flourish in the area. 


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