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The Internet is not just simply a means to connect people to one another over thousands of miles away. This complex network of fibers is also helping build, improve, and transform the way things are done in different industries. If you are looking for data centers in Vienna VA let us locate the available center for your business.

Through growing data centers, many businesses have been able to provide more efficient and convenient services and solutions. From IT providers and technology to healthcare and pharmaceutical and life sciences industries as well as banking, finance, and insurance, data centers help make their daily operations run smoothly. 

And depending on your IT needs, you will need quality data centers that can provide the best services and solutions. Not to mention that we are shifting more and more into an online space where data has become more important than ever. 


What is a data center?

A data center is a large network of computer servers used to centralize an organization’s shared IT operations and equipment. It is very critical in the smooth daily operations of any business. Without data centers, a business cannot maintain quality services and solutions

A data center is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Remote Storage and Management of Data
  • Backup and Recovery of Data
  • Email and File Sharing
  • Productivity Applications
  • Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

With the evolving technology, most data centers have diverted from physical facilities into cloud services. These are designed so that users can easily access applications and resources at an affordable rate. Moreover, cloud services do not require internal infrastructure or hardware. 

But despite the prevalence of cloud services like Amazon Web and Microsoft Azure, there are still many industries that use physical facilities. Especially for businesses, physical infrastructure offers tangible benefits as well. With a physical facility, businesses have control over their assets and data. There’s also reliability (100% uptime SLA), legacy applications, predictability and flexibility, and IT support.

What is the role of data centers in different industries?

In the 21st century , the world is going into a more virtual direction. This means that data is more in demand. Modern businesses require data centers that can keep up with that pace. Data centers are now at the forefront of the digital economy. 

For many industries like banking, finance and insurance which have an increasing number of clients, data centers help in improving protecting client information. From identification to accessing and monitoring, data centers allow more innovative and secure methods. 

For mortgage and loan industries which have complex records, data centers help in maintaining and managing them. It can also be  used to recover information from older systems. And then, it can help build more reliable and secure storage options. Depending on the industry requirement in terms of data, these centers also support other tasks. 

Basically, any business that processes and utilizes heavy data needs data centers in order to process efficiently. Without data centers, services and solutions will be slow and access to data will not be secure which can cause them to lose clients. 

What is a hosted data center for lease?

These are also known as colocation data centers. And this has become one of the most popular types of data centers. With this service, data centers offer specific spaces for lease and provide housing for servers. 

That is, colocation clients own the hardware and lease space while the data center provides a secure server environment. Management and maintenance control over the servers are still within the client’s authority.

Note that this is different from managed services data centers wherein equipment and infrastructure are also leased. This is because with managed services, servers are managed by a third party and not the colocation client themselves. 

A colocation data center can serve hundreds to thousands of individual clients. On the other hand, there’s a wholesale colocation data center which functions for hyperscale businesses. These businesses typically provide cloud services to small individual businesses. 

Usually government agencies and large businesses have their own data center facilities. But these can be very expensive to manage and maintain. For small business solutions, retail, mortgage and loan, and other small scale industries, they usually use colocation hosting. 

What are the benefits of a colocation hosting service?

In 2019, the data center capacity lease jumped 33% with a record of 396.4 MW. According to CBRE, with businesses shifting storage and operations into the cloud, hyperscale businesses like Amazon are taking up space for data centers. 

With that, data center leasing surged. The reason why leasing space instead of building one is more popular is because it is more affordable. Businesses can save up on the initial infrastructure investment. Especially for small business solutions and other data intensive businesses who can’t afford to build their own spaces, this is a very smart option. 

Aside from that, there is a scalable enterprise architecture. As your business grows, your data can scale with you. They also provide reliable professional support and reduced downtime. And of course, physical security with multi-layered protocols and improved network security. 

In the US, colocation data centers usually charge anywhere from $45 to $300 per U (1.75 inch height) for these services. 

Why is Northern Virginia a preferred data center location?

Year after year, Northern Virginia is actively growing to be a bigger market for data centers. And this is not only in the US but also in the world. The region houses over 160 data centers largely distributed over Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William. 

  • The region offers competitive tax rates with 5% tax exemption on servers, generators, chillers, and other related equipment. 
  • It has reliable utilities with reasonable energy costs. 
  • NoVA was a key hub of internet connectivity with the MAE-East, a former UUNet facility. It was the first major interconnection point of the internet. 
  • It has now built a massive and unmatched tech infrastructure. 

Proximity to powerful infrastructures like this benefits not only businesses who directly use data center services. It also attracts tech talents into the area and boosts the economy. 

Is Vienna, VA an ideal data center location in NoVA?

There are a lot of hosted data centers for lease in Vienna, VA. Although Vienna is not like Ashburn which is a major hub of internet traffic, it is still located within Northern Virginia. With that, it is as promising as any location for quality services and solutions

Its proximity both to the capital and the Dulles Tech Corridor make it an ideal location for data centers. Equinix, a startup which created a powerful effect on the digital economy of the region, maintains a space in Vienna. It is one of the largest colocation data centers with 200+ network service providers, over 275 cloud service providers,10 buildings, and 478,000+ square feet of colocation space.

What services are provided by hosted data centers for lease in Vienna, VA?

Just like any other hosted data centers, spaces here in Vienna, VA offer security, power, cooling, storage, disaster recovery, and compliance. 

Vienna hosts a number of different industries but mainly revolve around healthcare, insurance, and IT providers. But since it has a very good economy, small business solutions, mortgage and loans, insurance, and banking also flourish. 


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