Manufacturing Businesses For Sale & For Rent in Virginia (VA)

It’s no secret that there are a large variety of manufacturing businesses for sale or for rent throughout Virginia. The variety of businesses vary, but our comprehensive real estate listings page helps you to sort through available properties with our detailed listings with the latest information. You can spend time using our valuable search tool while letting us to do the legwork of searching for commercial properties. Save your time and use our real estate listing page when you’re interested in renting or buying a manufacturing business in VA. Our staff constantly updates listings so that you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision for your financial future. We will give you photos, information on the size of the business, the facilities, size of buildings, inventory values, when the business was established, how many employees there are, and much more. We know that manufacturing encompasses a large variety of businesses, so we include a large range to pick from. Here are some manufacturing business that you can rent or buy in Virginia.
  1. Toy manufacturer: Toys are many with different materials and are generally small making them a great choice for a small manufacturing business.
  2. Smartphone accessory maker: Smartphone accessories such as chargers and cases are popular and are made of basic materials, making it a great option.
  3. Furniture maker: If you’re looking for something more large scale, you can create custom furniture products to sell.
  4. Woodworker: If you’re a skilled craftsperson and are interested in creating custom furniture, you may be interested in a woodworker manufacturing business.
  5. Candy maker: You can make your own candy products and package them for sale in a small manufacturing business in Virginia.
  6. Shoe maker: If you’re looking for something a little more fashion based, you can create shoes using different materials in an assembly line format.
Other popular manufacturing businesses for sale in Virginia include: a wig maker, hair products manufacturer, makeup production, direct to consumer businesses, locksmith, musical instrument maker, watchmaker, eyeglass manufacturer, air freshener product, sports equipment manufacturer, embroider, a paper maker or a bag manufacturer. All these and more are available manufacturing businesses for sale in Virginia. Use our comprehensive real estate listing page today to begin your search for a business to buy.


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