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Commercial properties include the following: office buildings, hotels, mall and retail stores, medical centers, multifamily housing buildings, warehouses, and garages. And these are really good investments in real estate as they are intended to generate profit which are either of two sources: capital gains or rental income (leasing). And of course, you can also sell these properties if you would like to venture on to something else.  


Office buildings are the most common and most popular type of commercial property. And with the recent global health crisis that has shifted the work atmosphere, office buildings have been one of the hardest hit real estate. Employees are no longer working inside office buildings but in the comfort of their own homes connected through various team collaboration apps. 

But of course, even with the convenience of doing everything online, office buildings are still needed in operating. The future of office buildings according to Robert Wenzel based on the New York Times piece by Dror Poleg, author of ‘Rethinking Real Estate’, is that the potential of conference spaces could be major. And these spaces are definitely going to be located in desirable locations. 

So if you’re looking exactly just like that, then look no further. There are lots of office buildings that you can buy here in the prime suburbs of Northern VA. 

How to start an office? 

Buying an office requires planning. So here are some factors and tips that could hopefully help you: 

  • Location

Well, for any business, one of the first stops is looking for your most ideal location. Ideally, you would want an office that is easy to find and accessible both for your employees and clients as well. One good indicator of that is if the location is accessible via public transit. 

It’s also beneficial to choose locations that are near to amenities like restaurants where your employees and clients can have lunch. Also, media offices are best situated in locations where everything happens. That’s why office buildings situated within the county centre are considered a good location although the cost may be a bit higher. 

  • Ambience

Of course, as a business, the ambience of your office space plays a big role not only on your company image and reputation but work productivity as well. Make sure that you check whether the space needs any repairs or renovations before you buy the property.

  • Proximity to Competitors

Depending on the industry, there are times wherein it’s damaging to have an office space close to your competitors. 

  • Parking Space

It’s always better when you have enough parking space which can benefit everyone. Also bike storage spaces are also very helpful especially for employees who are trying to be practical and environment-friendly these days. 

Why set up your office building here in Northern VA?

Northern VA is one of the best places to settle in the US with the quantity and quality of job opportunities. It offers competitive salaries and one of the highest average salaries as well. And for the last 10 years, it also has some of the most sought after real estate and the best amenities as well in any area in the US. 

From Arlington, Alexandria, Ashburn, Fairfax, Falls Church, Loudoun, to Prince William, you will surely be able to find prime locations to set up your office building. 

Not to mention that Northern VA just sits outside the capital, Washington D.C. It’s a suburb that has everything you need but without the ultra high cost of renting spaces in the capital. Plus, it’s less busy and more peaceful. 

What we can do for you

As the old adage says, “Location is everything.” With us, you will be able to get your properties leased in no time. And for individuals looking for these spaces, you will have no problem looking through all the available spaces. 

For sellers of these spaces here in Northern VA, we aim to provide your property a wider exposure reaching more potential buyers and tenants. Now that more people are turning to types and clicks to search spaces, we’re giving you digital visibility. We market your property and also offer services to provide you with the best negotiable deal possible. 

For buyers, our professional real estate listing page provides you available commercial properties for office buildings for rent across Northern VA. We update the information regularly so that you always know the specifics of each listing before you go to visit ones you’re interested in. 

Facts and Info

Through our valuable search tool, it will help you find out all of the helpful things you need to know in order to make an informed decision. By taking time to determine the deal breaks for the type of center you will rent or purchase will help the overall search process go over much more smoothly. Some of the helpful information we provide are:

  • Physical Location – so you can evaluate for competition and also see whether there are nearby restaurants and other amenities
  • Size of the property – this depends on what your industry is and whether you have equipment that needs a large space and also for health and safety (social distancing).
  • Condition of the Property – if it’s ready to move in or if there are necessary repairs and renovations.
  • Parking space – this has become one of the most important amenities that office buildings should offer.
  • Price – we want you to get the best deal, so being able to compare prices would be very helpful to anyone looking. 

With our listings, we aim to provide as much information as possible for those interested in buying an office building. We have a long list of available listings for you to look through today.

Ultimately, our goal as a comprehensive and professional real estate listing page is to ensure that those that utilize our helpful tool get all of the accurate information possible for office buildings for sale in Virginia right on our page. We aim to be your one stop shop for finding real estate for rent or for sale in the State of Virginia. 

Start looking at our Office Buildings For Sale in Northern VA!


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