Riverfront Homes and Land For Sale in Virginia (VA)

The state of Virginia is rich in waterfront property due to its proximity to the ocean and to its many rivers.  The Potomac, the Shenandoah, and the Occoquan Rivers are just a few of the many rivers that flow through rich Virginia land.  If you’re looking for a home on one of these or any other rivers, our real estate listing page can help you find just what you’re looking for.  Whether you’re looking for hundreds of acres or just a few, you’ll find that browsing through our page will show you the most complete listing of all the riverfront homes and properties that are available in this historic and beautiful state. 

Are you looking for wooded land along a riverbank, or for open land with a view of nearby mountains?  Do you want a luxurious home with all the modern conveniences, or a simple log cabin?  Whatever you need, our professional real estate listing page will have it if it’s for sale.  You can find properties that are isolated and private, or ones that are close to villages and towns.  Our listings will show you the properties in detail, with clear, recent photos to give you an idea where you’ll be living.  You’ll enjoy browsing through the list of what’s available for sale. 

If you’re a serious searcher, you need several things from a real estate listing page.  First of all, you need accurate information about the lot sizes, the rooms and their sizes, any recent construction or renovation, and the location of the property.  You will need to know about the terms of sale and whether or not they’re negotiable.  It’s also useful to find details about the property’s history, and you’ll find that on our listing page as well.  You may want to know about the kind of commute you’ll have if you work in the city, and our listings will give you an accurate description of the location and what’s nearby. 

Even if you’re only looking in a particular area of Virginia, like Fairfax County, our real estate listing page will enable you to search for properties in any given area.  You can create a list of properties you want to see by using our page as your starting point.  Using our listing page will save you time, gas and energy because you can get a good idea of what’s available before you take your car out of the garage.  You can browse through our listings in the privacy and quiet of your home, at your leisure.  


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