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Shopping centers are melting pots of people who most likely just need a time off from their busy schedules to relax. The main reason why people flock to these places is that it’s a one-stop shop where they can eat food. Also, be entertained like going to the cinema, or just shop to relieve all the stress. Aside from that, shopping centers are located in a busy spot in a city where everything is accessible. So, you don’t have to worry about withdrawing cash or how to go home because there are a lot of options. We can help you locate shopping centers for sale in Northern VA.

And the best part about shopping centers are the sale days where you can get your favorite items at discounted prices. And if you’re looking to set-up that space, then the affluent state of Virginia is one of the best places to try that. 

What is a shopping center?

A shopping center or also more commonly known as the mall is composed of a group of retail stores planned in interconnecting walkways with parking areas. Basically, a shopping center supplies the basic shopping needs in suburban areas and some even offer high-end options. 

Aside from stores, a shopping center also has salons, travel agencies & gyms. Alsi, salons, movie theaters, concert arenas, bill payments centers, travel agencies, and even banks. And they are categorized into super malls, regional malls, super regional malls, and outlet malls.

How to start a shopping center?

Starting a shopping center is a very challenging one so here are some tips and basic factors that you should consider.

  1. Location

The main things that you have to remember about location is that your shopping center should be accessible, preferably along the main road. Having a transportation hub near it is also very helpful. 

It should also be near or at the centre of the town and of course, a large enough parking space.

  1. Market

The cost of building a shopping mall is expensive and that would translate to higher tenant rate for retail shops and other establishments. That means they would have to charge customers a higher margin. 

It’s important that you know the demographics of the area whether both tenants and customers would be willing to pay that price. 

  1. Customer

As mentioned before, you should be well-versed about the customers you are going to serve. Individuals have varied tastes and preferences categorized by their age, income, and profession. It’s best to target a specific class and answer their needs. This way you can also cater your facilities and features towards them as well. 

  1. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Just like any business, you should offer something different compared to other commercial premises. This will not only set you apart from competition but will also help you attract your choice of customer. 

Why set up your shopping centers here in VA?

Aside from the long list of reasons like opportunities, competitive salaries and growth. Also education, Virginia also boasts hosting various shopping centers. These centers cater those who would just like to wind up and enjoy different food. And to luxurious ones filled with famous runway brands and premiere restaurants. 

Here in Virginia, you can find the best and the biggest shopping centers like Tysons Corner Center, Central Park Virginia, RTC, and Fair Oaks Mall. And with a land area of around 110,000 square kilometers, Virginia has over 92 shopping centers. 

You might think that this number is already dense for the population but there is always room for another shopping center. Northern VA is composed of suburbs from Arlington, Alexandria, Ashburn, Fairfax, Falls Church, Loudoun, to Prince William County.

Northern VA is one of the best places to settle in the US. It offers competitive salaries and one of the highest average salaries as well. And for the last 10 years, it also has some of the most sought after real estate and the best amenities as well in any area in the US. Since it’s a high-income area, then communities are more likely to be able to afford products and services that you offer. 

What we can do for you

For sellers of these spaces here in Northern VA, we aim to provide your property a wider exposure reaching more potential buyers and tenants. Now that more people are turning to types and clicks to search spaces, we’re giving you digital visibility. We market your property and also offer services to provide you with the best negotiable deal possible. 

For buyers, our professional real estate listing page provides you available commercial properties for shopping centers for sale across Northern VA. We update the information regularly so that you always know the specifics of each listing before you go to visit ones you’re interested in. 

Through our valuable search tool, it will help you find out all of the helpful things you need to know in order to make an informed decision. By taking time to determine the deal breaks for the type of center you will rent or purchase will help the overall search process go over much more smoothly. Some of the helpful information we provide are:

  • Physical Location – so you can evaluate for foot traffic and competition
  • Size of the property – to assess the size of the establishment and other facilities
  • Condition of the Property – if it’s ready to move in or if there are necessary repairs and renovations.
  • Parking space – this has become one of the most important amenities that office buildings should offer.
  • Price – we want you to get the best deal, so being able to compare prices would be very helpful to anyone looking. 

With our listings, we aim to provide as much information as possible for those interested in buying a shopping center. We have a long list of available listings for you to look through today.

Ultimately, our goal as a professional real estate agent is to ensure that those that utilize our helpful tool get all of the accurate information possible for shopping centers for sale in Northern VA right on our page. We aim to be your one stop shop for finding real estate for rent or for sale in the State of Virginia. 

Start looking at our Shopping Centers for sale in Northern VA!


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