Warehouses For Lease in Alexandria, VA


Searching for prime warehouses for lease in Alexandria, VA?

If so, then look no further than Alexandria. It’s basically a historic town on the banks of the Potomac River.

In addition, it’s a hub for one of the widest range of warehouse options in all of Virginia.


Flex-Warehouse is a combination of office and warehouse. This is the type of warehouse that suits most people’s need.

Moreover, Alexandria, Virginia warehouse leases can be found both in the city proper and just outside the city limits.

To rephrase it, they enjoy great access to nearby highways.

I know Alexandria like the back of my hand. In fact, I have worked in Alexandria Va for thirty years. I am a licensed commercial real estate agent in Virginia

The city features many great values. All in all, most Alexandria, Virginia warehouses to lease are rated as Class A or Class B in terms of their quality. Fred Jafarzadeh, a licensed agent who can help you with all your property needs. 

Whether you need a warehouse for trucking or a budget-friendly garage for self-storage, I can find you the exact property that you need.


  • Machinery & Industrial Equipment Storage
  • Flex Warehouses
  • Warehouses with drive-in bays
  • Refrigerated Warehouses
  • Warehouses with loading docks
  • Bulk Warehouses


For a startup business leasing is best option. In short, it all starts with location.

For one thing, Alexandria is just minutes away from Washington D.C. on the other side of the Potomac.

In fact, I have noticed an increase in the number of small businesses who move to Alexandria to do business in or near the nation’s Capitol. Our commercial real estate brokers can guide and help you throughout the entire process for your next transaction.

Leasing a warehouse in Alexandria, Virginia is a smart decision for many of them. To summarize, the top advantages include time-saving convenience and affordability.


In brief, praise for Alexandria refuses to let up.

To clarify, Entrepreneur Magazine recently named Alexandria the Best City for Entrepreneurs.

Basically, it earned this honor for its closeness to D.C., as well as for Virginia’s “pro-growth, pro-business” attitude.

In addition, the Center for Digital Government ranked Alexandria as one of the country’s top “Digital Cities.” Without a doubt, this highlights how well the city accommodates business from the tech and startup sectors.

Alexandria also offers a vibrant downtown scene. Do you want a relaxing place to dine or find entertainment after a busy day of work?

If so, then you’ll find an array of options close to any Alexandria, Virginia warehouse you lease.

Contact me soon. We can start exploring your options for Alexandria, VA warehouse leases


As a highly experienced Virginia real estate broker, I chiefly specialize in Virginia commercial real estate.

Therefore, I can find you any type of warehouse to lease in Alexandria, VA with my extensive, up-to-date database of listings at this moment.

What’s more, trucking warehouses are abundant in Alexandria, Virginia. They often boast impressive square footage.

These options, in addition to Alexandria’s closeness to D.C., can make business more cost-effective. They can also streamline your operations.

What’s more, Alexandria boasts many cheap warehouses to rent. The majority of these are Class B.

That is to say, they’re a little bit older than Class A properties, but still well-maintained.

I also can direct you to listings for special-purpose facilities in Alexandria, VA.

To put it another way, these warehouses can fit non-commercial purposes, such as bowling alleys or churches.

Please get in touch with me soon. Let’s get the process started on finding the right warehouse for lease in Alexandria VA for you.


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