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These days, warehouse space is a hot commodity. With e-commerce sales exploding, many companies need warehouses to store and ship products to consumers. So, as an investor, now is the best time to buy warehouses for lease in Manassas, VA. Manassas is a rapidly growing area, with many industries moving in and claiming the land for their next venture.

If you’re new to industrial commercial real estate, don’t worry. Fred’s Properties has been in this industry a long time, and we know how to help you maximize your investment. What can you expect? Let’s break it all down:

Sourcing Warehouse Spaces

Our team is well-versed in finding and purchasing existing Flex warehouses. As one of the region’s top commercial real estate brokers, we know how to close the deal so that everyone wins. We specialize in small warehouses, empty lots (for development), large warehouse spaces, office buildings, and more. As the economy goes up and down, commercial property prices can fluctuate accordingly. Also, with demand increasing, many of these commercial properties and vacant lots are going fast. For business permits and occupancy permits in Prince William County you can go to https://www.pwcva.gov

Fortunately, by working with professional commercial realtors like us, you can gain access to deals ahead of other buyers. This way, you never have to worry about missing out on a potentially massive investment property.

Not only do we look at new warehouses, but we also pay attention to old commercial buildings for sale. In many cases, we can buy these lots for cheap and turn them into high-end money-making opportunities. You just have to provide the capital, and we’ll handle the rest. We work with developers and contractors to bring commercial warehouse spaces in Manassas VA up to code and make them more attractive to landlords and tenants.

Finding Landlords And Tenants

As a commercial real estate investor in VA, you likely don’t have the time or energy to manage your property. Instead, you want to outsource these responsibilities to a property management company or a landlord. At Fred’s Properties, we provide commercial property management services in Manassas VA. Whether you buy a 1,000-square feet warehouse or a 10,000-square feet warehouse, our team and help you managing your properties from A to Z.  

Tenants are also crucial because they need to be reliable and consistent. Since warehouse properties require a lot of storage and infrastructure, it’s not good to have tenants moving in and out regularly. We can help you get high-quality tenants that are planning on staying for the long term. This kind of stability ensures you can make a consistent return on your investment without the stress of an empty lot.

Land Development For Warehouses

Because commercial warehouse space is going fast, many developers are taking advantage and building new lots for businesses. You can get in on this growth by investing in a lot before it gets developed. Then, once it becomes a warehouse, you can parlay your ownership into passive residual income. Again, we can provide landlords and property managers so you can just focus on cashing checks, not inspecting your property.

Other Commercial Properties

Warehouses for sale in Manassas, VA, are just one aspect of Fred’s Properties. We can help find multi-use properties that work well as office and retail space. As an investor, you know it’s a good idea to diversify your portfolio. Commercial spaces are attractive to businesses of all sizes because the region is experiencing strong economic growth. So, you can get in on the ground floor and make good money by buying commercial property or flipping it for a profit.

Make Money With Commercial Warehouse Property Today!

Fred’s Properties makes it easy to invest in commercial real estate. Whether you’re focused on warehouses or want to capitalize on the booming e-commerce trend, we can help you get the most from your investment. Contact us today to find out more!

Manassas, VA is not too far from the offices for my company, Fred’s Properties Group, specializing in finding you great deals on prime warehouse rentals.

Well regarded for its colorful and historic downtown district, Manassas is located a relatively short drive from Washington, D.C., earmarking it as an excellent choice for any business owner wanting to create or foster relationships in the Capitol.

Have you already looked at warehouses for leases in Manassas, VA? If so, then can hire us to negotiate on properties that have caught your eye.



Fred’s Properties Group is especially good at locating Manassas VA warehouses on every level, from operations expenses and property maintenance.

In addition, we ensure that the landlord is properly repairing and maintaining parking areas and structures.

I’ve worked in Virginia commercial real estate, and specifically in Manassas, for coming on thirty years at the present time. Fred Jafarzadeh is one of the most reliable commercial real estate agent in Manassas, VA.

All in all, the options here are mainly Class A and Class B in quality assessment.

Do you need a budget-priced garage for self-storage? A warehouse for trucking?

If so, then my team and I can narrow the field of choices to the best-priced considerations.


  • Machinery & Industrial Equipment Storage
  • Flex Warehouses
  • Bulk Warehouses
  • Refrigerated Warehouses
  • Warehouses with offices
  • Facilities with loading docks
  • Warehouses with drive-in’s


In a word? Yes.

To begin with, Manassas, VA has established an Opportunity Zone to encourage long-term investments in the community.

In fact, eligible parties can enjoy the elimination of capital gains by being located in the Opportunity Zone area.

Are you involved with the government? If so, then deeply think about Manassas, Virginia’s HUBZone. Our commercial real estate broker in VA can help you with any type of property.

To clarify, this is a designation that enables small businesses to enjoy preferred access to federal procurement opportunities, such as competitive and sole-source contracting.

This is an area where many companies work with the government. By and large, renting a Manassas, VA warehouse in the HUBZone can be a smart advantage.


Heard of Lockheed Martin or BAE?

These tech giants call Manassas home at this time. The city’s Technology Zone also factored into this.

What’s more, the city may give you a cash grant or exemption from Business, Professional and Occupational License (BPOL) taxes.

In sum, it should be easy to decide on a rental warehouse in Manassas, Virginia. The opportunities are simply too good for your business to pass up.

Whenever you’re ready to start exploring options for Manassas, VA warehouse rentals, please contact me.


Flex warehouses abound in Manassas. In general, these warehouses give you flexibility as a tenant.

In addition, they are a smart choice for small-to-midsize businesses, particularly those that require both office and warehouse space, but don’t have the budget for separate properties at this instant.

Moreover, the tech presence in Manassas has created a boom in data centers for rent.

Does your business have any involvement with the digital nature of commerce? Then a data center could equip you with the functions you need to operate.

Please connect with me right away. Let’s not wait too long on finding the perfect Manassas, VA warehouse for you to lease.
Contact Fred J. to assist you with your warehouses for lease in Manassas, VA at 703-505-3501


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